Three Seasons at Heart Lake: Marie L. Haberl School Outreach Program

Integrating New York State Education Standards with environmental education through science, language arts, physical education, the arts, math, and history is the way in which our school outreach programs make lasting connections between children and the natural world.

The primary goal of Marie L. Haberl School Outreach Program is to create significant life experiences, by designing programs centered on developing life long values about the nature of New York and motivating students to act to protect it. To facilitate these types of life experiences, we educate students during the three seasons of their academic year.

This program is comprised of three components. The first is a series of classroom presentations highlighting key concepts to introduce students to terms and techniques that will be used to study the seasonal changes. Their year-long journal serves as a workbook, connecting classroom and field components and providing additional activities and content. Finally, the students arrive at the Heart Lake Program Center for three days of adventure and learning throughout the school year..

2017-2018 Participating Schools

  • Bloomingdale Elementary School
  • Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School
  • Keene Central School
  • Keeseville Elementary School
  • Lake Placid Elementary School
  • Arthur P. Momot Elementary School
  • Oak Street Elementary School
  • Petrova Elementary School
  • St. Bernards School
  • St. Regis Falls Central School

“It fits the curriculum nicely. A lot of what is learned in this program appears on the New York State Science Exam for Grade 4.” – 4th Grade Teacher

“Dear Friends at ADK Loj; Thank you for a wonderful day. I enjoyed exploring nature. My Favorite part was figuring out what animal left the track” -4th Grade Student

To learn more about this school outreach program contact:

Tom Manitta
Outreach Coordinator
Adirondack Mountain Club
PO Box 867
Lake Placid, NY 12946

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