High School Projects (ages between 14 and 17 at the time of the project)

These trail projects are reserved for high school aged teenagers (ages 14-17) who have a desire to spend a week in the woods camping in the backcountry and to experience trail work. Parents will drop off and pick up their teens at our basecamp in Lake Placid unless otherwise specified. There is a $285 participation fee for these projects. Scholarships are available for teens; please call 518-523-3480 ext.18 or visit our scholarship page to learn more.

“Being able to efficiently move an 800lb boulder with a metal bar may not be highly regarded skill in today’s working world. However, through five seasons of a devoted practice of accepting mental and physical challenges, I have gained a certain mental fortitude and an understanding of my own capabilities that I don’t think I could have found elsewhere.” – Ryan Graig (Ryan first volunteered as a high school sophomore)

Please call 518-523-3441 to be put on the waitlist for full programs.

July 14–19: Pharaoh Lake, PLWA

Project: Harden muddy sections of trail with rock. Participants will camp in tents.

July 21-26: Cascade Mountain

Project: Participants will stone turnpiking using native materials quarried on site. Participants will load all of the tools, food, and personal items, and hike 3 miles to reach their camp. Once there participants will hike 1/2 mile to and from the worksite each day.  Participants will camp at a Lean-to if space is available, if not they will be sleeping in tents provided by the ADK.

July 28–August 2: Hurricane Mountain, HMWA

Project: Install rock retaining wall and rock staircase. Participants will camp in tents.

Aug. 4–9: Seventh Lake Canoe Trip, FCWA

Project: Rehabilitate and clean campsites. Participants will camp in tents.