August 31 – September 10, 2019

Status FULL
Cost $ 2,667.00 (per person, double/triple/group occupancy)
$400.00 (single supplement, nights 1,2,3,7,8,9,10)
Travel Dates August 31 – September 10, 2019
Description On this hiking trip, we will experience the beauty, culture and lifestyle of northern Finland’s Lapland and Samiland.  We will learn about the local way of life, the history of the area, visit sacred places, hike ancient trails in two gorgeous national parks, taste local foods and immerse ourselves in the stunning landscapes.

During our daily hikes you will see crystal clear lakes, wild rivers, endless gorges, pristine forests and a variety of wildlife. Being above the Arctic Circle we have a chance to see the Northern lights.

Each day we will carry just a light pack as our luggage will be transferred for us. All our meals are included with our lunches enjoyed outdoors around open fires in gorgeous surroundings. After each days hike, we will experience the traditional Finnish way to relax and recover from the day’s activities: the famous Finnish sauna.

Come and experience challenging hikes, amazing views, traditional food, local accommodations and peaceful landscapes while discovering the unique beauty that is Finland!

Included Airport transfers per itinerary; English speaking guide; 10 nights lodging; ALL meals, (10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 10 Dinners); daily sauna facilities (except Day 1); daily luggage transfer; local transfers per itinerary; all gratuities.

**Accommodations:  Nights  1,2,3: two person cabins. Nights 4,5,6: two to eight person cabins. Nights 7,8,9,10: two person hotel rooms with private en-suite facilities.

**Meals/Water: A Finnish breakfast is versatile and consists of bread, butter, ham, cheese, porridge, cereal, yogurt, milk, juice, coffee, tea. We’ll either prepare our lunches from the breakfast table or one will be prepared for us. This will usually include a sandwich, juice, fruit and biscuit or chocolate bar. Dinner is typical Finnish food such as pork, beef, reindeer, fish, potatoes, rice, vegetables or salad, bread and dessert…generally three courses. In Finland the tap water is very good quality and drinkable everywhere.

Not Included  Airfare: Both international and domestic; drinks; trip insurance.
Payment Policy A Deposit of $ _800.00_ is due with the application forms to register for the trip.

Must have at least __14   registered and paid in full by March 15, 2019 for the trip to go.

The Balance of $ 1,867.00 is due no later than March 15, 2019.

Cancellation Policy
  • If registrant cancels prior to March 15, 2019 all payments received by ADK minus $100.00 will be refunded.
  • After March 15, 2019, a refund will only be made if the vacancy can be filled from a waiting list maintained by the leader, if any, and then all but $100.00 will be refunded.
  • Note that there is a $100 registration fee included in the trip deposit which is not refundable if you have to cancel for any reason whatsoever.
  • If the leader decides that this trip is not for you, or the trip is canceled by ADK, all payments received by ADK will be refunded.
What to Bring Luggage to be transferred is limited to one piece weighing not more than 22 kg/50 pounds. For daily hikes, choose clothing that is light and comfortable and easy to dress in layers depending on the weather. A day pack that is large enough to hold extra clothes, hats (both sun and knit), light gloves, glasses, sunscreen, lunch, snacks (bring your own energy bars if you want them), water (at least 2 liters), fleece, rain gear and a waterproof pack cover. Wear comfortable, sturdy waterproof hiking boots or shoes that are adjusted to your feet to avoid blisters and sore joints. Sandals or light running shoes are not suitable for this hiking, since they do not give any ankle support or protection from rocks, sand, vegetation or water. Hiking poles can also be useful, as they reduce the impact of the walk on the knees and joints and help with climbs and descents. For the sauna’s, Finnish people consider them to be a holy place and don’t go in mixed groups or wear swimming suits. You can bring a suit if you prefer, and lightweight sandals and a microfiber quick dry towel.
Trip Insurance Trip insurance is not included in the trip price and is very strongly recommended that all participants have trip or travel insurance that will cover trip cancellation by the participant, travel delays, medical expenses and medical evacuation. ADK does not provide this insurance and does not cover medical expenses or evacuation in the event you are injured or become ill during the trip. Note that if you have to cancel after the date indicated above, and cannot be replaced from the leader’s waiting list (if any) you could be out the entire amount you paid for the trip.
Daily Itinerary Day 1: Saturday, August 31st

Plan to arrive at Ivalo airport by 2:00 where we will meet our guide and take a private bus 50km/40min to the village of Inari. At 5:00 we will meet for an informational meeting.
Overnight: Holiday Village Inari:
Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Sunday, September 1: 14km/7.5miles: 5 hours

We will have a short transfer to the north side of Inari, where our trail begins. We will hike to see Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church, built in 1760, which makes it one of the oldest buildings in northern Lapland. Then we hike back to Inari where we have lunch in the Siida center and then visit the Siida museum of Sámi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.
Overnight: Holiday Village Inari:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 3: Monday, September 2: 19km/10.8 miles: 8 hours

A short morning transfer takes us to Riutula where we will hike our way back to Inari. On today’s hike we will experience dense forests and open bogs. We will enjoy lunch at the top of the fell Otsamo in the old fire guard’s cabin, where we will have a great view over Lake Inarijärvi and the fells of the Hammastunturit, Muotka and Lemmenjoki area.
Overnight: Holiday Village Inari:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 4: Tuesday, September 3: 16km/10 miles: 7 hours

A morning transfer (47km/45 min) takes us to the beginning of Joenkielinen trail in Lemmenjoki National Park. In this trail we will find bogs, fells, eskars and an enchanting river valley. Lunch at top of Joenkielinen fell, where we will experience a breathtaking view. From there we will hike to Ahkun Tupa, owned and operated by a local Sámi family specializing in traditional meals.
Overnight: Ahkun Tupa:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 5: Wednesday, September 4: 17km/10.5 miles: 8 hours

Today we hike the trail where gold panners historically walked and found gold. Lemmenjoki National park is the heart of gold panning area in Finland and Lapland’s gold fields are only ones in Europe where gold panning is still profitable. After lunch and a beautiful trek we arrive at Ravadas waterfall in the middle of wilderness, where riverboats from Ahkun Tupa will take us back to our cabins.
Overnight: Ahkun Tupa:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 6: Thursday, September 5: 17km/10.5 miles: 7 hours

After breakfast, we will have a morning transfer (100km/1h15min) to the Taatsin Seita rock, the ancient and holy sacrificing place of Sámi people. Seita rocks are believed to be places where old gods, spirits and elves used to live. Near Seita is the Church of Taatsi, a vertical rock wall that gives a sound of a churchlike echo if one drums or sings in front of it. In Taatsin Seita, we will place something small near the sacrificial stone and wish for good weather and prosperous time for the rest of our days in the Pallas-Ylläs region. We will then walk the trail to Pokka village…known as the border of bread and meat.
Overnight: Tieva Camping:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 7: Friday, September 6: 21km/13 miles: 8-9 hours

In the morning, we have a transfer (120km/1.5h) which takes us to North side of Pallas-Ylläs National Park. In the beginning of our hike, we will see an old expedition cabin Montelli, where we ascend to the highest peak, Taivaskero/Heavenfell at 809meters. After enjoying the stunning view, we descend to the Hotel Pallas, a beautiful wilderness style hotel located in the middle of fells.
Overnight: Hotel Pallas:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 8: Saturday, September 7: 19km/12 miles: 8 hours

The trail begins right from our Hotel, where we descend steadily to the south. Along this trail we’ll see pointy spruce forests and bogs. At the end of our hike, we arrive at Cape Keimiö where over ten fishing huts form a cultural landscape on a shore of beautiful and peaceful Lake Jeris. We can find 200 year old names carved in the walls of these old fishing huts. We then have a transfer (70km/1h) to our hotel.
Overnight: Hotel Yllaskaltio:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 9: Sunday, September 8: 16-20km/10-12 miles: 7-8 hours

In the morning we’ll walk through the village and find the path that takes us to the top of Kukas fell, where we descend to the valley of three fells, ascend another fell called Kesänki and the trail ends at beautiful rocky Devil’s gorge which is surrounded by sempiternal pine forest. We descend the rocky gorge and walk to the village and our hotel.
Overnight: Hotel Yllaskaltio:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 10: Monday, September 9: 17-19km/10.5-12 miles: 7-8 hours

The trail starts from the hotel where we will walk the nature route of Ylläs fell which offers stunning scenery. We will take in the amazing view from the top as well as performing the tradition of bowing to 15 fells. We then descend and walk back to our hotel and later in the evening enjoy our farewell dinner.
Overnight: Hotel Yllaskaltio:
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 11: Tuesday, September 10

After breakfast, a taxi will take us to Kittila airport where you are free to continue your travels with sweet memories of amazing Lapland and Sámiland.
Meals: Breakfast

Notes TIME DIFFERENCE: Finland is 7 hours ahead of ET or GMT +2.

PASSPORT: A valid passport that has at least 6 months validity remaining from the date of your return.

VISA’S: Not required.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Not required.

WEATHER: The weather can vary in September from 35 degrees F to 60 degrees F with moderate rainfall.

WI-FI AND CELL SERVICE: Wi-Fi should be available at most places Day 1 to 3 at breakfast and dinner; Wi-Fi is not available on first 6 days in cabin accommodations. Day 7 through 11 Wi-Fi should be available in all common areas and some rooms. Cell service should be available on some part of each day and all places Day 6 to 11.Cell service should be available in most, not all, areas. Guide has a phone for all emergencies and that number will be made available to participants.


ATM’s: You will find bank machines available during the first 3 days and last 3 days of our trip.

There will be often credit card availability.

ELECTRICITY: The electric current in Finland is 220 V (230 V), 50 Hz. A two-pin plug system, familiar throughout Europe, is used.

FLIGHT RESERVATIONS: Do not make your flight arrangements until Trip Leader advises this trip has the minimum participants for the trip to proceed. For domestic flights in Finland, check the site:

ITINERARY CHANGES: Planned activities are subject to change due to weather, trail conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Leader. Also, accommodations may be changed by the tour operator if necessary.

TRIP PRICES/ARRANGEMENTS: Subject to change due to circumstances beyond ADK’s and Trip Leader’s control.

GUIDE: Our local guide for the week will be Antti Äijälä (more commonly known as Anton Hill) who is an independent and licensed international wilderness guide  born, raised, living and working in Finland. He has worked for the past 10 years for various outfitters and recently created his own company to arrange and lead trips throughout all the seasons in Finland. Anton is passionate about his work and love of nature, culture, history and traditions which he passes on to visitors. His trips are ecologically sensitive and sustainable and focus on maintaining the beauty of the vast landscapes while supporting local economy and products. Anton’s main focus is to provide his guests with a holistic immersion into the unspoiled wilderness, pristine air and crystal clear waters that is Finland.

Registration Procedure Please carefully read the above detailed trip description and itinerary, and contact Trip Leader if you have any questions. Then, if you decide to join this adventure, please email the Trip Leader and the registration paperwork consisting of the Registration form, the Release of Liability form and payment form will be emailed to you. Complete these forms online and email them back to Trip Leader. Spaces are reserved in the order that complete and acceptable registration forms and deposit payments are received, so don’t delay.
Trip Leader Mary Chayka-Crawford
P.O. Box 501 Lake Orion, MI 48361