Every year we give our National Trails Day participants free t-shirts to commemorate their hard work volunteering on the trails.   This year we want to give you the opportunity to design the National Trails Day t-shirt.  Please submit your design ideas to Andrew Hamlin at Andrew@adk.org.  Andrew will determine the winner of the design request and will be your point of contact if you have any questions.  Once a design is selected, we will make an announcement congratulating the winner and display the winning design on our website.

Below are the rules of the design request:

  • Deadline: May 1, 2018
  • The design request only includes the design for the t-shirt front. The back of the shirt will be designed by our staff so that it can include a list of our sponsors.
  • The text and design need to be a single color of your choosing.
  • Please specify the t-shirt color you prefer.
  • The text “National Trails Day” and “Adirondack Mountain Club” need to be incorporated in the design.
  • Please submit the completed design as a PDF document.

Below are a few previous designs to use as reference!

NTD2015 IMG_1540