June 30 – July 9, 2020

Status OPEN
Cost $1008
Travel Dates June 30 – July 9, 2020
Description Some of the most beautiful parts of the Alps are in Slovenia.  We will do a stage of its famous Transvezala, or high route. During six days of hiking in about 60 km with a lot of up and down, we will traverse ridges, mountain tops and valleys of the southern Julian Alps. We will pass through the enchanting and mysterious rift valley of the Triglav lakes, stay in Slovenian Alpine Club huts and enjoy three days in Ljubljana (pop. 265,000), the capital of Slovenia and one of the most attractive cities for visitors in Europe.  
  • Four hotel nights
  • Three in the Emonec Hotel with breakfasts
  • One night in the Trenta hotel, no breakfast,
  • Five nights in refuges
Not Included
  • Transportation to and from Ljubljana
  • Pre- and post- trip accommodations.
  • All meals and beverages with exception of three breakfasts at the Emonec Hotel
  • Travel costs such as bus, train or taxi during the trip.
  • Extra cost of showers in huts
  • Tips for hotel and refuge workers

Estimated cost of meals during trip, 30 euros a day.
Estimated cost of train: Ljubljana to Petrovo Brdo, and the return bus, Trenta to Ljubljana, 20 euros.

Payment Policy $500 dollars deposit is due on registration with the Application forms to register for the trip.
The trip must have at least 8 persons registered by March 1, 2020 for the trip to go.
Final balance payment of $508 is due no later than March 1, 2020. If the trip does not take place, or the leader decides the trip is not for you, full refund will be given including the $100.
Cancellation Policy If you withdraw from the trip by February 29, 2020, you will be refunded all payments received by ADK minus $100 that is $400.   After March 1, 2020, your payment is not refundable unless it is possible to fill your place with another participant. You would then receive all but $100.
Notes GETTING TO TRIP’S MEETING PLACE:The Emonec Hotel, Ulica Wolfova 12, Ljubljana.

Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia is served by many major airlines. From the airport you would take a shuttle to the city center and our meeting place at the Emonec hotel. Venice is near-by and is served by frequent bus connections.

PASSPORT: With expiration date at least six months after the trip.

VISA:  Not needed for US citizens.

WEATHER: Typically sunny and warm, highs in the eighties but these are high mountains and we will be prepared for cold and wet weather.


ATM’s:   Not   available during the hike.

ELECTRICITY: Available for recharging in the refuges.

WI-FI:  Available in some of the refuges, widely available in Ljubljana.

CELL PHONES: Sporadic service during the hike, available in all towns.

CREDIT CARDS: Widely accepted

FLIGHT RESERVATIONS:  Please do not make your flight arrangements until Trip Leader advises this trip has the minimum participants for the trip to proceed.

ITINERARY CHANGES: Planned activities are subject to change due to weather, trail conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Leader. Also, accommodations may be changed if necessary.

TRIP PRICE: Subject to change due to circumstances beyond ADK’s and Trip Leader’s control.

Trip Insurance Before you can go on the trip, you must send the leader a proof of rescue insurance which covers rescue costs, hospitalization and repatriation. A good time would be when you make your final payment, March 1, 2020. Why is this necessary? You have to pay for rescues in Europe. In Switzerland, for example, you are asked to pay 5000 Swiss francs cash or charge before the rescue. Your American insurance usually does not cover medical costs abroad.  Repatriation costs can be very high. ADK does not provide this insurance and does not cover medical expenses or evacuation in the event you are injured or become ill during the trip.  There are numerous internet sites comparing various insurance plans which you may wish to consult. You may also wish to consult your lawyer or financial advisor as this is a complicated topic.  This is what I do.  Each year, I sign up for the Austrian Alpine Club. UK Section. For about sixty dollars, this provides worldwide, year- long, rescue, hospitalization and repatriation insurance. For that sum you receive 25,000 euros cover for rescue, 10,000 for medical costs and repatriation is full costs. You should evaluate whether this level of coverage is sufficient for you. You are free to obtain insurance where you wish, but the level of coverage should be at the minimum of the levels provided by the Austrian Alpine Club.

The ADK also strongly advises all participants to obtain trip or travel insurance that will cover trip cancellation by the participant and travel delays. ADK does not provide this insurance. Note that if you have to cancel after having made your full payment, and cannot be replaced from the waiting list, you could be out the entire amount you paid for the trip. More credit cards are offering trip insurance as a free benefit of the card. You should check their level of coverage carefully.


Daily Itinerary Day 1: Tuesday, June 30

Arrive at the Emonec Hotel in downtown Ljubljana, Ulica Wolfova 12.  It is a ten minute walk from the train station where the airport shuttle let you off. Taxis are abundant too. We will meet at 6 PM and go out for dinner in the old town. (Dinner not included. Breakfast the next day is included.)

Day 2: Wednesday, July 1

Free day in Ljubljana. When you step out of the hotel you will be in one of the liveliest and most attractive capital cities in Europe.  It seems they all speak English, some better than we do.  There is a full cultural calendar every day of concerts, exhibitions and events in the streets.  A major attraction is the ancient castle now fitted out with several museums and exhibits and the beautiful city center with bridges crossing the river every few hundred yards. You can easily hire bicycles or even do a kayak tour on the river .Ljubljana has been named the Green Capital of Europe and the city center is car free. There is a New York Times article of October 15, 2017,”36 Hours in Ljubljana” that is worth looking at, both Rough Guide and Lonely Planet have good guides to Slovenia.

We spend a second night in the Emonec hotel.

Breakfast is included the next morning

Day 3: Thursday, July 2

 In the morning, we will take a two hour train to Petrovo Brdo (535m). We will arrive around nine and walk down into the village for a snack and coffee. There will also be a chance to do some last minute grocery shopping. They have pretty much the same range of foods as an American grocery store. When I was there, I bought a sandwich for the trail. Then we will set off on our hike, a short but stiff rise on good trails through pastures and forests and high alpine meadows to the top of Crna Prst and its hut, Dom Zorka Jelencica na Crni  Prst.(1835m),Crni Prst for short. We will have climbed 1500 meters to the top of the long ridge that we will follow for the next two days. (Rainwater only)

Ascent: 1500 meters
Distance; 4 kilometers
Time: 3:30h

Day 4: Friday, July 3

We spend the entire day on the Bohinj ridge passing some summits along the way. We contour around the tops of  Cetrl, Veliki Raskovec, Suha Rodica and  on to Rodica at 1966 meters, We descend to  a col, Cez Suho (1773m and then on to the summits of Sija (1800m) and  Vogel at 1922m.  From the top of Vogel, we have a steep descent down to the Koca na Planini Razor        (1315m). The” Koca” which is the Slovenian word for refuge, is beautifully situated in forest and pasture lands and has abundant water but no showers.. Starting this day, We will be following a  trail marked 1  all the way to the end of our hike in Trenta.

Ascent: 510 meters
Descent: 1030 meters
Distance: 8km
Time: 8h

Day 5: Saturday, July 4

It is another spectacular day along the Bohinj ridge. We start out in forest below the ridge and then continue on old military tracks to Planina na Kalu, an abandoned farm hamlet at 1490 m. We then traverse under the steep slopes of Tominski Kuk and rocky Mahvescek to the Prehodci col (1639m).  We have terrific views of mountains on all sides, including Triglav to the north as we reach another ridge and traverse along it to our refuge near the top of Krn mountain at 2182m. Our refuge for the night is the Gomciskovo Zavetisce na Krn. It is classified as” a shelter of the second class,” (In contrast kocas and doms are first class.) and has rainwater only.  There are two dormitories for 20 and 12 persons. When I arrived there the first time, a troop of 25 Italian boy and girl scouts was just coming in for the night. I thought , oh, no, there goes a good night’s sleep but that evening they sang beautifully and they were so tired by the days’ hike , they and everyone else slept well that night. The staff at this hut is especially friendly. When I asked the hut manager, Tina, if there was any water to wash up with, she apologetically and as a special favor, gave me a cup of water. I really appreciated it.

Ascent: 1110m
Descent: 240m
Distance: 16km
Time:  9h

Day 6: Sunday, July 5

Go back down the rocky trail to a col, Krnska Skrbina( 2058m) and start a long descent down a valley to  the first of the Triglav lakes, Krnsko Jezero (1385m)  After traversing the dry karst  landscape for three days  it is wonderful to see. A bit further on is a refuge.  Planinski dom pri Krnskih Jezerih . We walk on beautifully graded military roads as we climb up to a saddle at Vratca (1803m) and then descend overlooking a tree filled valley with tremendous views on all sides to the Koca pod Bogatinom (1513m) where we will spend two nights. (Hot showers)

Ascent: 480m
Descent: 1150m
Distance: 11km
Time: 5h30

Day 7: Monday, July 6

We will have now hiked for four demanding days. You will have the option of a rest day or taking one of two hikes from the refuge. The first would visit two lakes in about 8 km and a modest ascent and descent with two “koca” along the way. On the second option we would climb to the top of Bogatin (1977) and Mahavscek (2005) and return (4h30)

Day 8: Tuesday, July 7

This day equals any other on our hike as we hike up the valley of the seven Triglav Lakes. We start with a hike up to a low col and traverse into the rift valley which when it was discovered in the 19th century seemed like something enchanted, straight  out of Brigadoon or Shangri-la.The Slovenes have a legend for this place, of Zlatorg, the Golden Horn  who guards a  great treasure  buried  under the valleys. The lakes have no running streams and are fed by water sources underneath in the karst limestone.  On our gradual ascent past the lakes, we will pass the refuge, Koca pri Triglavskikh Jezerikh (1685m), possibility of a gelato. Then we go by three more lakes and up to the saddle overlooking the Trenta valley and the central mountain group of Triglav.  These are the last steps up on our journey. We will stop for refreshments at the Zasavska Koca na Prihodavcih (2071m) and admire the inspiring views.  Then on excellent graded paths, we descend 1450 meters to Trenta and our night’s lodging. (You will be impressed by the descent and probably would not want to repeat it soon. I felt that way, but in Trenta, I met a man who until the sixties accompanied his father as they would leave every day at four in the morning with three mules and horses loaded with water and provisions for the Zasavska Koca, 1450 meters up and down.).We spend the night in the hamlet of Trenta at the Dom Trenta, with hot showers and abundant drinkable water. Breakfast is not included here and we catch the bus back to Ljubljana before we can get breakfast. There is a grocery store and one or two cafes in Trenta. I look forward to the pizzeria.

Ascent: 617m
Descent: 1450m
Distance: 20km
Time 10h

Day 9: Wednesday, July 8 

Take the morning bus back to Ljubljana and the Emonec Hotel arriving around mid-day.  Farewell dinner that evening.

Day 10: Thursday, July 9 

Breakfast in the hotel, this is the end of our trip.

(Planned activities are subject to change due to weather, trail conditions or other unforeseen circumstances subject to the sole discretion of the  leader.)



Trip Leader Roman Laba
22 Front Street, Schenectady, NY