Both parties aim to minimize backcountry impacts through hiker education

Lake Placid, NY – March 29, 2021 – ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) and DackMap, a live-based map application, have announced a partnership to expand the reach of outdoor information and education for Adirondack Park visitors. Together both parties aim to enhance the visitor experience, keep backcountry hikers safe, and teach them how to be stewards of the lands and waters they use.

In order to achieve this mutual vision, DackMap will host educational resources provided by ADK, which include outdoor skills videos, guidebooks, volunteer opportunities, and more. In turn, ADK will work with DackMap to ensure that the trail information presented on the app is up to date and factual. The end result will be a complete resource for Adirondack Park outdoor education and information.

ADK sees this as a strategic opportunity to reach hikers with important educational information before they arrive at the trailhead. “Through recent studies, we know that visitors to the Adirondack Park are using a variety of online sources to plan their trip,” said Michael Barrett, ADK Executive Director. “The key to ensuring they arrive prepared for their hike is to reach them with educational messaging while they are preparing for their trip at home. We are excited to work with DackMap to bring our stewardship messaging to a new online audience.”

DackMap looks forward to playing an important role in minimizing backcountry impacts. “Few apps combine tourism-related information and outdoor education,” said Nick LaScala, co-founder of DackMap. “By partnering with ADK and using our reach to share educational information, we seek to empower visitors to become stewards of the Adirondack Park as they enjoy everything it has to offer.”

DackMap is available for download on the Apple Store. You can learn more here.