Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) announces the winners of the 2016 Sean A. Kelleher Memorial Scholarship and the Jane. C Neale Memorial Scholarship.

ADK has several education program scholarships available to local high school and college students who participate in various education, volunteer and trails programs.

The Jane C. Neale Memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 by Jane’s friends and family. Jane was very passionate about the Adirondacks and the conservation of it through ADK’s Field Programs.  An Albany Chapter member, Jane led many hikes for the Chapter as well as trail projects.  Her passion for the trails was exemplified by her service as Chair of the Trails Committee for several years. During this time she conducted many trail workshops, particularly aimed at getting young people involved in trail construction and maintenance.  Through the Jane C. Neale Scholarship, Jane’s legacy will be carried on in the youth who wish to participate in our volunteer trails program.  Recipients of the Jane C. Neale Scholarship have their participation fee associated with volunteering for a 5-day high school trail project waived.   Ian Thompson of Honeoye Falls, NY was awarded the Jane C. Neale Memorial Scholarship for his participation in the Teen Trails Program.  Ian has hiked thirty-nine high peaks and plans to finish his ‘46’ before he turns sixteen.  “Being atop such beauteous mountains gives me an energy that nothing else can give me. Every time I leave the park, I always find myself wanting to turn around and hike more” wrote Ian.  Jackson Kammermeier, also of Honeoye Falls was the 2nd awardee of the Jane C. Neale Scholarship.  Jackson is an aspiring 46er and will be participating in his second five-day trail project this year.  Jackson states, “A goal I set for myself when I was on top of Mt. Marcy was to climb the highest peak in all 50 states.”

The Sean A. Kelleher Scholarship was established in 2006 by Gail and Brian Kelleher in memory of their son.  Sean was a passionate hiker, and it is the wishes of Sean’s family to allow students the opportunity to experience the outdoors through the Adirondack Mountain Club’s High School Volunteer Program.  The recipient of the Sean A. Kelleher Scholarship will have their participation fee associated with volunteering for a 5 day high school trail project waived.  Andrew Kannam of Baltimore, MD was awarded the Sean A. Kelleher Scholarship for his essay chronicling his summers spent at the family home in Jay, overlooking the Jay Mountain Range.  “I have grown up on stories of my great-grandmother being one of the first members of the Adirondack Mountain Club and a 46er in her own right, of my great aunt tackling mountains in all seasons, and of my grandfather and his sometimes crazy tales of hikes full of pleasure and pain. It is in my blood to be in these mountains,” says Andrew.

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