ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) is releasing the fifteenth edition of the High Peaks topographic map this spring to account for changes in the region over the past few years. The 2018 revised Unit Management Plan for the High Peaks Wilderness Complex from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) included the addition of several major tracts of land, most notably the former Dix Mountain Wilderness and the Boreas Ponds tract. Thus the boundaries of the region, as well as where certain regulations are required, have expanded.

Language referring to the High Peaks Wilderness has changed as well. As of 2020, DEC regulations will reference the “Outer High Peaks Zone” and “Central High Peaks Zone” replacing the original “Western” and “Eastern” High Peaks zones. These zone designations remain in place through 2019. Our new map reflects these changes, and also offers greater detail to help you in the backcountry through:

  • Insets detailing campsites for Marcy Dam and Lake Colden areas
  • Updated information on other backcountry campsites and lean-tos
  • More details on the recently acquired Boreas lands
  • Updates on recently built or rerouted trails, including the one recently constructed on Mt. Van Hoevenberg
  • 20-foot contour lines

The new edition will be available for $9.95 ($7.96 for ADK members) at book and outdoor supply stores, at ADK stores in Lake George and Lake Placid, through mail order by calling 800-395-8080, and online at