ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) is excited to announce its 2018 Stewardship Ambassadors. This is a new volunteer program created to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to protect New York’s wild lands and waters. Ambassadors are human powered outdoor recreationists who are passionate about sharing their story while on the trail and interested in taking a stewardship role along the way.

Portrait of Tim Rago

Name: Jim Rago
Instagram: @jamesanthony_photos
The reason I applied to this role is because I love the outdoors, nature and the ADK’s and I like to share my passion, knowledge and experience with others. Hopefully through documenting my adventures and journeys I can inspire others to care for the outdoors as much as I do. Because once people care strongly about something, they will fight to protect it. ”

Portrait of Natasha Shapiro

Name: Natasha Shapiro
Instagram: @tashashapiro
My name is Natasha Shapiro and I’m a New York based commercial outdoor lifestyle photographer, dog petter, and donut eater, with a love for all things Adirondack! As a native New Yorker my family spent most of the warmer months of my childhood in the good ole backcountry. Canoeing, camping, backpacking.  These mountains are what inspired me to become a photographer. They are a haven for all that love the outdoors. They are my home. The ADK Stewardship Ambassador Program is a way that I hope to be able to share my love for this forever wild place and inspire others to protect it for many more generations to come!  “

Portrait of Timothy Behuniak

Name: Timothy Behuniak
Instagram: @timbehuniak
Timothy Behuniak is a landscape photographer, hiker, rock climber, and traveler. Since before he could walk, Tim was summiting Adirondack forests on his parents back or shoulders and has since become an Adirondack 46er. While working on the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Professional Trail Crew for two summers, Tim’s wilderness ethic and thirst for wild places more deeply molded. He’s excited to become an ADK Stewardship Ambassador so that he can further inspire the regional community to protect the places in which it loves so much. ”

Portrait of Amanda Wickham

Name: Amanda Wickham
Instagram: @MandieDandy
I’m the average adventurer, who is constantly dreaming of the Adriondacks, exploring my local trails, and educating and including others along the way. My weekends consist of hiking, biking, brewery visits, and running. If it’s outside, I’ll be there and likely invite you to join 🙂 It seems that  ADK’s Stewardship Ambassador program found me and gives  me the opportunity to stay connected, share a place that I hold so dearly, and educate others of best practices of outdoor recreation.”

Portrait of Benno Rawlinson

Name: Benno Rawlinson
Instagram: @bennorawlinson
I am originally from Scotland and moved to New Jersey last year with my wife. Since arriving in the US we have been searching out adventures from the Jersey shore and the Catskills to the White and Adirondack Mountains all the way up north. I am incredibly excited to be apart of the Ambassador program to encourage others into the outdoors and whilst leaving no trace on their journeys.  I have a passion for being in the outdoors and have always been game for a challenge whether it is running ultra races around Europe, Africa and the US, rowing across the atlantic or ski trekking 70 days up the coast of Baffin Island. ”

Portrait of Bekah Ashley

Name: Bekah Ashley
Instagram: @bekah_ashley
“I feel lucky to have spent childhood summers barefoot, covered in mud and mosquito  bites, on the  quiet West Branch of the Ausable River. Without internet or cable as a kid, there was a lot of time to connect with wildlife and wild places. As a twenty something writer and journalist, I am honored to be a part of this program and its vision to cultivate conversations around conservation and wilderness ethics.”