The energy was palpable and VERY contagious! It would be impossible to leave the ADK-GVC Outdoor Expo not motivated to spend more time outside. The event was full of hands-on activities from testing out a canoe, kayak, or hammock, making a pinecone bird feeder or survival bracelet, to workshops that covered map & compass skills, orienteering, survival guide, and hikes around Mendon Pond, which is just a glimpse into the 42 workshops they offered. Speaking with a member from the GV Chapter, they highlighted this year, they were able to bus in students from local cities. The intention was to introduce these students to a new experience and to educate these students on how to recreate responsibly.

Not to mention the 45 exhibitors who came out to the Expo to share their message. I was able to stop and chat with “Only Rain Down the Drain” exhibitor. It was a beautiful demonstration on how we can protect the Genesee River by being more conscious of what we’re putting on the ground. My 3 year old was very intrigued by the water bottle and watching the effects of fertilizer and car oil in the demonstration. We also really enjoyed chatting hammocks in the hammock demonstration, which was very comfortable, so it was hard to leave.

Written by Amanda Wickham. Amanda is constantly dreaming of the Adirondacks, exploring local trails, and educating others along the way. Her weekends consist of hiking, biking, brewery visit, and running. If it’s outside, she’s likely there. The ADK Stewardship Ambassador program found her at the perfect time and gives her the opportunity to stay connected, share a place she holds dearly to her, and educate others of best practices of outdoor recreation.