Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Kelly! My husband and I live in Elizabethtown, NY with our (amazing) dog Fitzy! I work from home as a healthcare analytics specialist for Philips and as a full-time dog mom. During our lunch breaks, we can be found running around the Blueberry trail system and through town to get out some of our extra energy!

What is ADK Run Club? Why did you start the club? 

ADK Run Club is a community of runners who are looking to share miles, gain, and most importantly, laughs regardless of age or pace. We come together with the simple goal of having as much fun as humanly possible in this amazing playground we call the Adirondack Park.

In terms of starting the club, I cannot take the sole credit for that. Last summer, several trail conversations with friends kept circling around how much more fun running is with fellow runners. Tripping over roots, looking at jaw dropping views, and griping about steep climbs are best when shared. There’s an irreplaceable sense of unity that accompanies group runs. Usually, in our endorphin high state, these conversations would end with one of us screaming something along the lines of “WE SHOULD START A RUN CLUB SO MORE PEOPLE CAN RUN TOGETHER AND HAVE FUN!” One friend, who is an active member in a Colorado based run club, mentioned it would be great to partner with a local company for additional support. For this reason, we reached out to The Mountaineer! Ever since, they have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic for all run club events!

What are your three favorite local trail runs?

I love this question! Three is the perfect number – so I can stratify by run type (said the nerdy analyst…)

  • Mountain Trail Run: Hurricane!
  • Trail System: Blueberry Trails! I’m beyond spoiled to live so close to this amazing trail system. Whenever I run there (so, basically every day), I can’t help but feel like a little kid just running around for fun.
  • Flat Trail Run: Bloomingdale Bog!

What are your tips for safe and responsible trail running practices?

To ensure personal safety, it is best if someone knows where and when you are running (my mom would agree with this), carry the appropriate gear (head lamp, spikes, water, Swedish Fish), dress appropriately (be prepared to get sweaty quickly and cool off just as quickly), and know your limits.

To ensure trail safety, strive to stay off of muddy and busy trails to minimize erosion. If the trail happens to be muddy, embrace it and run through it! Adhere to proper leave no trace protocols and even, strive to leave the trail a little better than you found it – if there is a granola bar wrapper on the ground, grab it and stuff it in your pocket to throw out!

Once we can resume normal activities, how do people get involved with ADK Run Club? 

During the warmer months, we meet up at least once a week! Join our Facebook group (Adk Run Club) and give us a follow on Instagram (@adk_runclub) – we post all event information here! In addition, we have a group on Strava called ADK Run Club!  Join it and share all of your adventures with fellow run club members! We are also hosting a Miles for Meals Runathon this weekend. Registration has passed, but you can still support the cause here!