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Carl Heilman’s Photo Principle #4: Capturing Motion with Small Frame Sensor Cameras


As I mentioned in my recent post, the shutter speed you use may change depending on the camera you select. Motion issues are related to the field of view coverage. No adjustments to shutter speed are needed with full frame sensor cameras. Smaller sensor cameras need to add in the READ MORE

Carl Heilman’s Photo Principle #3: Considering Motion


As I mentioned in my first post, there are three creative options for each photo shot - exposure, motion, and depth of field. Once a person is comfortable with exposure, motion is the easier one to master of the remaining two. Setting a fast enough shutter speed will stop action, READ MORE

Carl Heilman’s Photo Principles #2: Checking Exposure


Let's dive right in! When checking exposure, the first two things to know are: Making adjustments to the aperture diameter (f stop) and shutter speed affects the amount of light that reaches the sensor. The ISO setting adjusts how sensitive the sensor is to the light falling on it. Adjusting READ MORE

Basic Photo Principles with Carl Heilman II


Today's digital cameras offer so many options for shooting landscapes. Each new generation of cameras brings additional advances in sensor and processing technology, as well as shooting features that bring us closer all the time to being able to capture the beauty of what we are seeing. To make the READ MORE