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Johns Brook Lodge (JBL), 92 years and counting


From May until October every year, guests with a myriad of skills and backgrounds make the 3.5-mile pilgrimage to Johns Brook Lodge (JBL). Most come looking for a comfortable place to stay and hearty meals to fuel their adventures while spending a few nights with the nearby music of Johns READ MORE

New Boardwalk on Lake Marie-Louise


“Marie-Louise Pond will be managed to preserve its aquatic habitat” A statement in the 2004 Unit Management Plan of Giant Mountain Wilderness Area was fulfilled last week. Better known as Lake Marie-Louise, the less-than-acre pond sits at 3,950 feet, halfway between Rocky Peak Ridge and Rocky Peak summits. It’s believed READ MORE

A Brand New Boardwalk Along the Elk Lake Marcy Trail


In his guidebook, The Adirondacks Illustrated (1874), S. R. Stoddard recommends staying at Mud Pond House (today’s Elk Lake Lodge) as “it is in the immediate vicinity of the Adirondack Mountains upon the nearest and most direct route, from the South, to the Ausable Ponds and Mount Marcy, distant only READ MORE

Colden: A Mountain of Trail Work Part II


In the November-December 2014 issue of Adirondac magazine, we reported on the achievements of the first year of a four-year trail improvement project on Mt. Colden. This past spring a helicopter made no less than a half-dozen trips from Upper Works, under the supervision of Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), to READ MORE

Gray to Marcy: A Costly Bushwhack Is Closed Definitively


Times are a changing and so is our awareness. In previous decades a number of climbers standing on Gray Peak’s summit have succumbed to Marcy’s spell and headed directly for its majestic dome one-mile away. Long ago it was a relatively easy decision since the herdpath from Lake Tear to READ MORE

Mike Douglas, Gary Koch and Jim Mosher: 30 YEARS of lean-to stewardship and still counting!


The lean-to is wonderfully expressive of the spirit and traditions of these vast mountain lands. To approach one after a day of adventure is to find a mute, yet impelling invitation to chum with Nature, to enjoy intimate communion with the woods and to become an active participant in the READ MORE

Hurricane Trail Re-route: A Herculean and Timely Effort


Many times, 3694-foot Hurricane Mountain has been in the news due to demolition threats to its 35-foot fire tower (built in 1919 and closed in 1979). No more: 2015 will see the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) restore the historic structure to full public access and provide READ MORE

Wow! Boundary’s Dr. Ketch Boardwalk Project is complete!


This past June, ADK’s Professional Trail Crew spent four weeks building over 400 feet of bog-bridges on both sides of Boundary Peak! No, it’s not to keep climbers’ boots nice and dry. It’s all part of Dr. Edwin H. Ketchledge’s (1924-2010) long term plan for the Algonquin-Iroquois traverse, his favorite READ MORE