This November, New York State voters have the chance to be part of an exciting, once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect clean water and restore wildlife habitat while also creating jobs and strengthening New York’s economy. The Restore Mother Nature Bond Act that passed the Senate and the Assembly this spring is planned to be on November’s ballot. New Yorker’s will decide to approve the $3 billion dollars Bond Act for:

  • Helping communities prevent flooding by protecting areas that can slow down floodwaters
  • Restoring shorelines so they can protect homes, roads, and other assets from storms
  • Protecting open space, forests, and lands that filter pollution out of our drinking water
  • Restoring streams, wetlands, and floodplains to support wildlife habitat, reduce flooding, and improve water quality
  • Upgrading transportation infrastructure (such as culverts) to reduce flooding and improve fish passage
  • Improving clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure systems
  • Helping farmers reduce pollution and keep our water clean
  • Building new outdoor recreational amenities
  • Expanding the use of clean energy

Some have asked: amid the COVID-19 crisis, is this the right time to be considering this action? The answer is yes. It makes sense to invest now because it not only saves taxpayer dollars later, but it’s also good for the economy. The Bond Act can jump start our economy by funding transportation and infrastructure projects. It will not only protect New York’s natural resources and wildlife for generations, but it will also start creating jobs immediately. Studies show that every dollar invested in conservation returns $7 in economic benefits. This investment is going to save taxpayers money in the future by protecting against costly damage associated with climate change; Superstorm Sandy alone cost New York City $19 billion.

No new tax is proposed to fund this Bond Act. As with past bond acts, the debt will be paid from the general budget debt service payment funds. What does that mean for taxpayers? The cost of a $3 billion Bond Act per household in New York would be about $29 per year. Because no new taxes are being proposed to fund this Bond Act, this is an opportunity for taxpayers to ensure a portion of their current tax dollars are spent on protecting the environment.

ADK supports the Restore Mother Nature Bond Act because it will provide necessary funding to help protect open space, clean water, streams and wildlife habitat in the Adirondack Park and across the state. This will, in turn, increase opportunities for responsible recreation, and help protect communities from the impacts of climate change.

Please take action now by thanking NYS Legislators for passing the Restore Mother Nature Bond Act.