An Easy Hike to a Couple of Mountain Ponds

Elevation: 2452 ft
Ascent: 200 ft
Distance: 0.9 miles
Location: Route 28 west of Eagle Bay

The trail to the two lakes is a very pleasant walk in the woods suitable for families and older hikers. It ascends less than 200 feet and the walk to the nearest water is about 0.5 miles. The walk to the stream that flows between Sis and Bubb lakes (where both are visible) is about 0.9 miles.

At the first sight of the water of Bubb Lake the path straight down to its edge (not the marked trail) is not the best for a long rest since access to the lake shore is limited.

Just beyond the extensive bridge over the outflow of Sis into Bubb from which both lakes are visible is a trail which follows along the north shore of Bubb Lake. However, bushwhack a short distance along the shore of Sis one may find a small boulder to sit on.

This trail can be found on the ADK/National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the Old Forge Oswegatchie region (map No. 745).

Have a great hike! Bob Goodwin