In the November-December 2014 issue of Adirondac magazine, we reported on the achievements of the first year of a four-year trail improvement project on Mt. Colden. This past spring a helicopter made no less than a half-dozen trips from Upper Works, under the supervision of Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), to drop the materials needed on Little Colden (aka Colden’s false-summit) for the trail work planned for 2015. The Adirondack Mountain Club’s (ADK) professional trail crew went back to spend four weeks in the vicinity of Lake Arnold in August. At least this year it did not rain all day everyday on them!

Three new ladders, one of them counting 55 steps, and 10 new boardwalk sections were completed this year, totally changing the climb from Lake Arnold to the summit of Colden. The photographs above tell the tale eloquently, don’t they? Not only do the ladders and planking harmoniously follow the contour of the land as much as possible, but they also give the adjoining forest the chance to recover its dignity. If the positive ecological impact of the boardwalk from Algonquin to Iroquois, built in 2013, is any indication, the vegetation should soon start to grow back in no time at all.

On November 9, we met Josh who had driven 3.5 hours to climb the Trap-Dike. There was less ice and water during his ascent than he expected and Josh was delighted to encounter the new ladder and planking for the continuation of his journey!

Hoorah for the ADK Trail Crew, the 46ers who are generously financing this four-year Colden trail make-over and to the DEC for flying the material to the work site!