The Adirondacks received 18+” of fresh snow in the High Peaks region March 12th-13th so I decided it was time to ski Mt. Marcy for the first time with friends and fellow co-workers Brendan Wiltse (Johns Brook Property Coordinator) and Chris Beans (Trails Food Coordinator). We had to break trail from Marcy Dam up to the Hopkins junction which was a challenge, but it made the trip down all that much more rewarding. Conditions were perfect on the way down for someone who had never skied the trail before.  The fresh snow allowed me to stay in control and gave me plenty of cushion when I fell.  Cold temperatures and small increments of snow since then has resulted in great backcountry skiing conditions.  I hope you have all had the opportunity to get outside and play. The above video is a short clip from my first Marcy ski.