We don’t know if the trails are really happier now, although we would expect them to be since they’ve been spruced up, less water is washing them away, and their users are using them more gently. We’re pretty sure hikers are happier, because the trails are in better shape, with new bridges, new rock stairs, less blowdown, and much more. And we know ADK is happy, because the professional and volunteer trail crews did so much great work during the 2017 season, from one end of the Adirondack Park to the other end of the Catskills, from low altitudes to high, from dry ground to wet. The following pictures introduce you to some of them and give you just a taste of all that they did.

They couldn’t have done it, though, without you. And so, from ADK, a thank-you bigger than all the High Peaks combined to every one of our donors and volunteers; you made a huge, nearly incalculable, difference. Thanks to you, ADK’s crews were able to tackle these challenging and formidable tasks, and complete them, giving hikers—giving you—a better, safer experience.

ADK needs your continuing support of this important work, because next summer, it will start all over again. More trails will need bog bridges, or re-routing around mudholes, or trees removed after the winter’s storms, or better drainage—the list of needs never ends.

Check out some of ADK’s projects:

Please give your gift today to ensure New York’s best muscle-powered trail crews can maintain the trails you love.

Photographs by Nancie Battaglia and Seth Jones

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