These unprecedented times weigh heavily on each and every one of us. We hope you and yours are healthy, staying safe, and finding moments of happiness during this crisis.

Though our collective attention has rightly turned to the most immediate and basic needs, we ask you to remember that our beloved wild places still need you. Especially now, with evidence that nature and outdoor recreation are an even more popular outlet for solace and escape, your support is absolutely critical.

As you know, ADK has adhered to Governor Cuomo’s PAUSE orders by closing all public facilities until further notice, including our lodges and campground, and canceling all in-person educational programming. This has led to a drastic loss of revenue and resulted in unavoidable cuts to several programs. Even so, ADK staff has found ways to keep educating and protecting the land while practicing social distancing, which will only serve you and wilderness better in the future.

We know you join us in the belief that the Adirondack Forest Preserve and other New York State public lands and waters must be safeguarded as well as enjoyed, now and into the future. Your tax-deductible* donation today will ensure we do not lose ground.

With your help ADK is…

  • Educating 400,000 through digital channels on how to safely enjoy the outdoors during COVID-19.
  • Continuing to improve trail sustainability through the exceptional work of ADK’s Professional Trail Crew, while practicing social distancing, to ensure you and others have access to wild places.
  • Advocating for retention of the $300 million Environmental Protection Fund and other funds dedicated to tick-borne disease research and prevention that ADK helped secure.
  • Supporting a constitutional amendment (Green Amendment) to protect New York State residents’ right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.
  • Training volunteers online to spot and report invasive species in the fight against Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and aquatic invasive species.
  • Adapting education programs to virtual formats, which are proving especially popular among novice hikers who have taken to the outdoors during quarantine.
  • Modifying the Three Seasons at Heart Lake School Outreach Program, creating video trainings and online field trips to meet the needs of hundreds of fourth-grade students and their teachers from home.
  • Protecting New York’s alpine habitats through the Summit Stewardship program, which will operate with a reduced staff but many dedicated volunteers.
  • Implementing a phased reopening plan for the Heart Lake Program Center and John’s Brook property that prioritizes the safety of hikers, campers, lodgers, and staff. ADK will follow state protocols for timing.

We are extremely grateful for your partnership and undying commitment to protecting wilderness. With your support, ADK will keep the promise it made nearly 100 years ago to advocate for the Adirondacks and New York’s other public lands and waters and promote responsible recreation, now and for the next century.

Please give today. Thank you.

Be well,

         Michael Barrett
Tom Andrews                   Michael Barrett
President                          Executive Director

P.S. Your tax-deductible* gift to ADK supports the protection and responsible recreational use of the Adirondack Forest Preserve and New York State’s other public lands and waters.

*The CARES Act (Coronavirus Relief Bill) created a new above-the-line deduction (universal or non-itemizer deduction) for total charitable contributions of up to $300. The incentive applies to cash contributions made in 2020 and can be claimed on tax forms next year. The law also lifts the existing cap on annual contributions for those who itemize, raising it from 60 percent of adjusted gross income to 100 percent.