August 9th, 2019

Last week, ADK’s (Adirondack Mountain Club’s) education staff and instructors from the Ausable River Association taught teens about water quality sampling, river ecosystems, and the role that watersheds play in the health of the Adirondack Mountains. Part of the five-day course involved a river clean-up in the Lake Champlain delta section of the Ausable River where the class found litter, multiple tires, many pounds of trash, and a new appreciation for the work it takes to steward their waterways.

This program was made possible by grant funding from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, which is devoted to protecting and restoring Lake Champlain and its associated watersheds.

Here’s a look at what our participants did during the course:

Day One: Paddling skills and introduction to watersheds

Day Two: Introduction to limnology and practice tests on Heart Lake and Mirror Lake

Day Three: Sampling for macro invertebrates

Day Four: Clean-up project in the Lake Champlain delta

Day Five: Reflection and wrap-up

Photo Credit: Ben Brosseau and Maggie Newell