Elevation: 565 ft (high point) 320 ft lake
Ascent: 245 ft
Round-Trip Distance: 10.8 miles
Location: NY 9N north of Bolton Landing
Region: Lake George

This Northwest Bay Trail is 5.4 miles each way which is quite a bit easier than walking the whole length of the spine of Tongue Mountain Range (11.2 miles) with ascents and descents measured in thousands of feet. The blue marked trail does have one 245 feet ascent which comes near the start (and finish) of the hike and another one of maybe 80 feet ascent fairly close to the end of the trail at the Montcalm Point.

The trail follows along the shore of the Northwest Bay of Lake George. Sometimes it is located 20 to 30 feet above the lake and other times just a few feet from the shore. In the summer, the lake can be alive with activity including a number of power boats, kayakers, and fishermen. Just before the end of the trail, water will be visible on the left for the first time in 5 miles. The trail ends at a public dock near, but not on the actual end of the Montcalm Point peninsula. There are excellent views of the east shore of Lake George including Black Mountain and some of the islands in “The Narrows” from the dock. The actual end of the Point may be found further south by following herd paths crisscrossing the blunt end of the peninsula. If you are looking for the trail junction with the ridge trail, you will find it more easily on the back. Keep an eye out to the right. 

Note: For a more complete description of the trail, please see Adirondack Mountain Club: Eastern Trails.

This trail can also be found on the ADK/National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the Lake George Great Sacandaga region (map No. 743).

Have a great hike! Bob Goodwin