A Great Ridge Walk

Elevation: 2360 ft
Ascent: 930 ft
Round-Trip Distance: 4.6 miles
Location: On Fourteenth Road 2 miles from its intersection with Route 28N just south of Minerva
Central Adirondacks

The Fourteenth Road intersection with Route 28N is 7 miles from the Route 28 – Route 28N intersection just outside of North Creek or about 2.6 miles from the Warren County – Essex County border.  The first 1.8 miles of Fourteenth Road is paved but the last 0.2 miles is on a narrow dirt/gravel road which descends rapidly to a low point where there is trailhead parking for a few cars. At this time there are no trailhead signs, so ignore the blocked woods road straight ahead of the parking area and look for surveyor’s tape on the trees at the right (south) end of the area. 

The trail immediately begins to climb while diverging slowly away from Fourteenth Road. It is well marked after the first 50 feet by yellow DEC foot trail markers.  It proceeds to climb to the top of a small ridge and after about 0.5 miles affords views across a valley to another local hill.  It then follows the ridge south east and descends into the valley in order to skirt around the south east end of the local hill just viewed.  It crosses the outlet stream of a wetland, contours around the hill, crosses the inlet stream and ascends to the col between that hill and the extended ridge of Moxham Mountain.  In the col, the trail bends left and ascends onto the lower portions of the Moxham ridge where at 1.3 miles there are a couple of open views of Gore Mountain to the south.  Beyond this point the trail continues mostly up along the ridge so that by about 1.8 miles the imposing view of the south cliffs of Moxham Mountain come clearly into view.  From this point on, there are excellent views from the cliff tops along the ridge as the trail ascends the last 300 feet to the summit and the top of the cliffs.  While the ascent from the parking lot is only about 930 feet, counting all the ups and downs both coming and going, the hiker will ascend a total of almost 1500 feet.

This fairly new trail maintains an easy grade most of the way with a few short stretches with a moderate gradient.  The summit affords the hiker views of Gore Mountain and Mud and Clear Ponds to the south, Crane Mountain to the south east and on a clear day Snowy and Blue Mountains to the west. 

This mountain can be found on the ADK/National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the Northville Raquette region (map No. 744).

Have a great hike! Bob Goodwin