Elevation: 3556 ft
Ascent: 2175 ft
Round-trip Distance: 5.0 miles (via the Stinson Trail)
Location: Starts on Adirondack Mountain Reserve property, St. Huberts
Region: Lake Placid/High Peaks

The view from the summit of Noonmark is about as good as any in the High Peaks. On the summit, there are unobstructed views in all directions.

There are two trails up Noonmark. The Stimson Trail starts on the Ausable Club property, and one must park in the lot near NY 73 or in the lot across the highway for Roaring Brook Falls. The first part of the trail turns left off the Ausable Club road, following a driveway until the road ends and the foot path begins. This (Old Dix) trail leads through the pass between Noonmark and Round to end at the junction with the Dix trail and the Felix Adler trail to Noonmark. Part way along it reaches a junction with the Stimson trail about 0.6 miles from the main Ausable Club road. After taking a right onto the Stimson trail the ascent becomes quite steady. After you ascend maybe 1100 feet from the highway you will come to the first of many excellent view points. At this point one might hope that the climb will become more moderate ahead, not so. Fortunately there are plenty of other nice view points along the way where one can rest. 

Note: For a more complete description of the trail, please see the guide Adirondack Mountain Club High Peaks Trails and the accompanying Trails of the Adirondacks High Peaks Map.

Hope you have a great hike! Bob Goodwin