A Climb in Two Parts

Elevation: 2919 ft
Ascent: 1245 ft
Round-Trip Distance: 7.2 miles
Location: End of Thirteenth Lake Road off Route 28, west of North Creek
Central Adirondacks

Peaked Mountain is a modest sized mountain located northwest of Thirteenth Lake. It is very steep sided, which affords great views of the surrounding forest, lakes, and hills. The trailhead is at the parking lot for public access to Thirteenth Lake. The lot is reached by taking Thirteenth Lake Road off of Route 28 north of North Creek.

For the start of the trip, you have two options. You can follow the trail that runs beside Thirteenth Lake or in the summer you can canoe or kayak the first stretch (just beyond the bouldery shoreline near where a creek comes down into the lake), or in the winter you can walk the same route on snowshoes (if the lake is clearly totally frozen). After 0.8 miles along the lake, the trail turns away from the lake and follows up the stream valley on a generally gentle grade. In an additional 2.1 miles, the trail reaches the shore of Peaked Mountain Pond. This portion of the trail ascends about 500 feet in about 2.1 miles. On the far side of the pond the final ascent begins and climbs steeply with a gain of 675 feet in about 0.4 mile.

This is a trip where strong hikers and less strong hikers can go part way together, and then split up at the pond. Each group can have an adventure that they both will remember fondly.

This trail can be found on the ADK/National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the Northville Raquette region (map No. 744).

Have a great hike! Bob Goodwin