Secret Holiday Specials

Specials are available now until December 31 only through these links. Check back frequently for new items. Product quantities/sizes are limited. Hurry before they are gone!

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Pack basket ornament Pack Basket
Red and green canoe ornaments 5″ Canoe – Red
ADK round wood ornament ADK Wood Ornament
Image of wood moose ornament Wood Moose Ornament
Wood deer ornament Wood Deer Ornament
Bear ornament holding a fish Bear with Fish Ornament
Xmas tree ornament Xmas Tree Ornament
Large log cabin ornament Large Log Cabin Ornament
S'more ornament S’more Ornament
S'more ornament S’more in Graham Cracker Ornament
Rustic canoe ornaments Rustic Canoe Ornament Pair

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Knick Knacks/Novelties

Birch log picture frame Birch Log Picture Frame – 2″ x 3″
Smore picture frame S’more Picture Frame – 4″ x 6″
Birch bark canoe photo holder Birch Bark Canoe Photo Holder
Red canoe picture frame Red Canoe Photo Holder
Green canoe photo holder Green Canoe Photo Holder
Mini hiker bear Mini Hiker Bear
Wood look owl figurine Owl Figurine
Adirondack chair with scene Decorative Adirondack Chair
Bear in birch bark Bear in Birch Oval
Moose figurine in branches Moose in Branch Oval
Bear wine bottle hanger Bear Wine Bottle Hanger
Moose and bear arm wrestling on a tree stump Arm Wrestling Moose and Bear
Image of deer with snow globe Deer with Mini Snow Globe

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Home Goods

Balsam Fir Hot Pad Balsam Fir Hot Pad Trees w/Pinecone 
Balsam hot pad with pine trees Balsam Fir Hot Pad Pine Trees
Balsam hot pad with apple and crow design Balsam Fir Hot Pad Apples and Crows
Balsam filled pillow with moose design Moose Balsam Pillow
Balsam filled pillow with a pack basket design Pack Basket Balsam Pillow
Balsam filled pillow with pinecone design Pinecone Balsam Pillow
Balsam pillow with frog design Balsam Pillow
Log cabin salt & pepper holder Log Cabin Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder
Bear wine stopper Bear Wine Stopper
Pine cone bottle stopper Pine Cone Wine Stopper

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Other Gifts

Bear carved photo album Wood Carved Bear Photo Album
Journal with image of chickadee on cover Chickadee Journal
Wolf journal Wolf Journal

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ADK Women's Algonquin Compass Shirt Women’s Algonquin Compass Shirt – Size 2XL
ADK Men's Marcy Compass Shirt Men’s Marcy Compass Shirt – Size 2XL