Ignoring all warning signs, historical data, and scientific evidence, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced rule changes that will increase unmitigated greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions. Lakes and streams, forests, plant and animal life, and human health are all at risk. We cannot allow this to happen. We must stand up, speak out, and stop this disastrous plan. We need your help. Your gift today enables ADK to take action and defend our environment at state and federal levels.

The Trump Administration has proposed the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule and plans to dramatically weaken the Mercury Rule, allowing much higher greenhouse gas emissions from coal-powered plants than the previous administration’s Clean Power Plan would have permitted. What does that mean for the Adirondacks and Catskills? An increase in acid rain, ground-level ozone, and acid deposition, all of which have a deadly impact on plant and animal life. Furthermore, poor air quality will lead to increased respiratory issues in humans. ACE is an action in the wrong direction, with dire implications. We urge you to stand with ADK against the EPA’s proposal.

Because the ACE Rule changes current emissions testing for the coal industry from annual to hourly, it creates a loophole that allows power-generating facilities to avoid a threshold trigger that would mandate the use of emission-reduction devices. This is a change the coal industry has sought for decades. This economic decision offers savings for coal-burning power plants at great cost to our planet.

Another proposed change will weaken the 2011 Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for Power Plants, which currently requires that power plants install technology to reduce mercury emissions. This creates a co-benefit of decreased soot and nitrogen oxide pollutants, which are linked to asthma and lung disease. The current administration is seeking to repeal the rule and dismantle the requirement to reduce mercury emissions. Air quality will suffer, as will our lakes and the plant and animal life they sustain. ADK strongly opposes this decision, and we need your support in the battle for our environment.

The northeastern United States has much to lose because the emissions of damaging pollutants from numerous upwind, coal-burning power plants will increase. Acid rain deposition caused by these emissions has been a long-standing issue for the New York Forest Preserve. However, in recent years there has been a strong recovery trend.

Monitoring of Adirondack waters by groups like the Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation shows that lakes and ponds impacted by acid rain are coming back to life and wildlife in these aquatic habitats is thriving. The new ACE rule will reverse this recovery trend. New York’s forest and freshwater aquatic regions will again suffer from the ecological health issues associated with acid rain and acid deposition. Our public lands will deteriorate as a result of this assault on sensitive, recovering habitats. It doesn’t have to be this way. With your support, ADK will work to prevent such tragic outcomes.

We are deeply concerned about the local and global environment. ADK works diligently to safeguard critical habitats, protect landscapes that promote natural carbon sequestration, and support legislation and regulations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ADK will fight for protections of clean air and water and is prepared to join in litigation when these rules are inevitably challenged in court.

The proposed rule changes are a move in the wrong direction at this critical time. The changes will create loopholes for industry to pollute without safeguards, increase atmospheric CO2 emissions that are already too high, and cause an increase in harmful emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, significant contributors to the formation of ground-level ozone, acid rain, and acid deposition.

We cannot afford to sit idly by. Please join us in protecting the Adirondacks and Catskills, the health of our families and communities, and the future sustainability of life on Earth. Your gift ensures ADK is poised and ready to take action against threats to New York’s public lands, now and into the future.

With gratitude,


Neil Woodworth
Executive Director

P.S. Thank you for standing with ADK and safeguarding New York’s public lands and waters with your gift today. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will support ADK’s mission and further the organization’s conservation and advocacy efforts.