Endowment Funds

Endowments are permanently restricted funds whose principal is designated by the donor to be invested and to remain intact, with only the earnings to be spent on operations. Contributions made to these funds are investments in the future of ADK.

  • ADK General Endowment Supports wherever the organizational need is greatest.
  • Conservation Endowment Supports ADK’s Advocacy Program, which lobbies and advocates for the protection of natural resources through stewardship and trail restoration, and public access to these resources for recreational purposes.
  • Will Cummer Gear Fund Provides gear for summit stewards working atop the High Peaks.
  • JBL Endowment Supports the Johns Brook Lodge facilities, programs, and property.
  • Ruth M. Kuhfahl Trails Fund After decades of volunteering, Ruth opened the fund as one more way she and others can continue to support trails work.
  • Dr. Norton G. Miller Memorial Fund Supports the Adirondack High Peaks Summit Stewardship Program and ADK’s science and science outreach efforts.
  • Natural History Endowment Supports natural history programs and Summer Naturalist Interns.
  • Recognition Fund Established by Marilyn and Peter Gillespie to fund the recognition of volunteers, staff, and others whose support of ADK is particularly appreciated.
  • Stewardship Endowment Supports ADK’s professional and supervised trail crews and the Summit Stewardship Program.

To contribute to an existing endowed fund, click on the linked endowment name above, or contact Karim Becker at 518-668-4447, ext. 227 for more information.