Workplace Giving

Does your employer participate in SEFA or United Way giving campaigns? Designate ADK as your charity of choice.

Are you a state employee? Your SEFA contribution to ADK (id #999-01133) protects natural places all over New York State.

We appreciate your commitment to protecting wilderness, and that is why we want you to know about an easy, powerful way you can support ADK’s mission – through workplace giving.

Benefits of Giving Where You Work:

Workplace giving allows you to make automated, tax-deductible gifts through payroll deductions, which makes it:

  • Easy: You can support ADK and keep track of your donation information for tax season.
  • Practical: A small portion of your paycheck can make a major difference in ADK’s work in environmental advocacy and education. Giving through payroll deduction enables you to divide a larger annual pledge into smaller, more manageable increments, which are automatically deducted from your paycheck and distributed to ADK. And since we’ll know how much money you have pledged, we can effectively plan how to use your donation more strategically and make a stronger impact. All thanks to your support!
  • Empowering: Workplace giving empowers you and ADK! Money donated through workplace giving provides us with reliable, unrestricted funds, which gives us the flexibility to apply the money where it is most needed and better fulfill ADK’s mission. Together we can protect New York’s natural places.                                       

Everything ADK does hinges on your generous support. Find out if your employer offers workplace giving, and, if questions arise, contact Karim Becker at or 518-668-4447, ext. 42.