A Moderate Walk to a Pleasant Falls

Ascent: 120 ft
Distance: 0.9 miles to first falls 2.1 miles to 2nd and 3rd falls
Location: Hope Falls Road off of County Road 15 north of Northville.
Lake George/Eastern Adirondacks 

The hike to the lower Tenant Falls is a moderate walk in the woods suitable for most families with young children and dogs. The trail starts at a new DEC parking lot and trailhead about 0.4 miles from the end of the road.  See the new trailhead location on DEC’s map. This new trail was built by an ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) volunteer high school group under the DEC’s supervision. The trail heads into the woods at an angle to the road and contours up and across the side of Rand Mountain.  It then descends to the falls at 0.9 miles.  On a warm day, Tenant Creek is a good place to wade just below the falls.

The trail then goes on beyond the first falls up to two additional falls. This section of trail is slightly more challenging, but still pretty tame. Don’t travel beyond the top of the third falls, as to avoid trespassing onto private property.

Note: For a more complete description of the trails, please see ADK’s Adirondack Mountain Club: Eastern Trails.

This trail can also be found on the ADK/National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the Lake George Great Sacandaga region (map No. 743).

Have a great hike! Bob Goodwin