Who are the people that put in all of the trail work that we walk on?  ADK’s Professional Trail Crew are a few of the folks that maintain the trails that we all love in the Adirondacks and in the Catskills.  Here are a few of the faces behind the trail work that we all love.

Portrait of Sauce

Trail Name: Sauce
Experience: 1st year
Hometown: Reinbeck, NY
Education: Senior at Paul Smith’s College
“I love trail work because I love getting dirty and being exhausted at the end of the day.”

Portrait of Adeline

Trail Name: Addie
Experience: 1st year
Hometown: Farhills, NJ
Education: University of Vermont graduate
“I love seeing the results of my labor in a trail at the end of a week of working.”

Portrait of Star Beef
Trail Name: Star Beef
Experience: 4th year
Hometown: Colton, NY
Education: Vassar graduate
“What is not to love about trail work?”

Portrait of Hoon

Trail Name: Hoon
Experience: 2nd year
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Education: Sophomore at Mercer County Community College
“I love trail work because it feels like I’m just playing with friends in the woods.”

Portrait of Char

Trail Name: Char
Experience: 3rd year (1 year volunteer crew leader/2 years on pro crew)
Hometown: Westport, NY
Education: Clarkson University graduate
“I love trail work because it tests me mentally and physically every day.”

Portrait of Skull

Trail Name: Skull
Experience: 1st year
Hometown: Albany, NY
Education: Senior at Haverford College
“I love the trail community. Not only the community of trail workers but the greater hiking public.”

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